Terminal on non-rooted android

A terminal emulator a linux environment and an apt packet manager, working on non-rooted android: looks promising!


Python for the busy Java Developer

Learn a new language allows you to communicate with more people: that’s true even with programming languages. Happened that I...


Gravitational Waves

“We’re saying that we made a measurement that is about a thousandth the diameter of a proton, that tells us...


Know your DB: how postgres storage works

It’s always important know how your tools works, moreover the tools that keeps your data safe and available… 


How we accidentally doubled our JDBC traffic with Hibernate

In short: a log level WARN on Hibernate cause a “SHOW WARNINGS” query after every other query. So, check your...


Eclipse Che: next-gen eclipse cloud IDE

Eclipse Che is called the “Next-Generation Eclipse IDE” – an open source developer workspace server and cloud IDE. Luckly the...


Source code and DNA


DevTools in Firefox 44 – CSS Filter and Animation Editor



UNIX shell on Windows

A preconfigured Cygwin… seems very interesting! Babun – a windows shell you will love! Source:    

Mysql User-Defined Functions

Mysql User-Defined Functions

MySQL, as other databases, could be extended adding new functions to do things outside the db boundaries: call an external...