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How we accidentally doubled our JDBC traffic with Hibernate

In short: a log level WARN on Hibernate cause a “SHOW WARNINGS” query after every other query. So, check your...


Eclipse Che: next-gen eclipse cloud IDE

Eclipse Che is called the “Next-Generation Eclipse IDE” – an open source developer workspace server and cloud IDE. Luckly the...


Source code and DNA


DevTools in Firefox 44 – CSS Filter and Animation Editor



UNIX shell on Windows

A preconfigured Cygwin… seems very interesting! Babun – a windows shell you will love! Source:    

Mysql User-Defined Functions

Mysql User-Defined Functions

MySQL, as other databases, could be extended adding new functions to do things outside the db boundaries: call an external...

Boss vs Leader

Boss vs Leader

Just sharing: when a picture worth a thousand words….

Ansible on Windows via Cygwin

Ansible on Windows via Cygwin

Ansible on Windows is still a second class citizen, but if you work with developers using it, you have to found the way to let them work with the tool. Here a good guide to install and configure it via Cygwin that seems a viable way.



A new release of JWordPress, now updated to the latest wordpress version 4.4.1

fastutil:  Fast & compact type-specific collections

fastutil: Fast & compact type-specific collections

Didn’t have chance to use it yet, but seems a convenient tool when needed, and I’m little proud of the...