Linode Dynamic DNS


dyndnsLinode is an amazing way to have your server on internet. It’s an IaaS provider that give you linux servers, and coherently with that, let you choose what install an how to use it (plus a great support whenever you need).

Moreover Linode can be delegated to manage your domain DNS, with a simple control panel and, unsurprisingly nowadays, a REST API interface. This interface let you to have a dynamic DNS using your own domain, all you have to do is:

  1. Retrieve the current IP on your home computer (es.
  2. Tell to linode that: is

Every tool I’ve found for this job didn’t really fit for me… so I’ve ended up to write my own: Linode dynamic DNS updater


  • API key and configuration separated from the program
  • Obtain current IP without third-party services
  • Update the IP on Linode only on changes
  • Simply written in bash

Quick Installation

1. Create a /etc/linode-dyndns.conf

API_KEY="insert here your linode api key"

2. Download linode-dyndns script and make it executable

3. Add it to crontab


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