jwordpressI’ve released a small update of JWORDPRESS 4.2.2 RELEASE 1. It’s always based on WordPress version 4.2.2, but as you can see on this blog, we have now a…. partial….


I’ve tried with various “mod_rewrite” like filters, until I’ve found this very specific project: https://bitbucket.org/kazssym/pretty-permalink-filter/

I say “partial” because activating permalink pattern containing a date cause the following exception:

com.caucho.quercus.QuercusException: com.caucho.quercus.lib.date.DateTime.setISODate: 
`DateTime::setISODate()' has not been implemented. 
A more recent version of Quercus may be available at http://www.caucho.com/download 
Requests for unimplemented features can be entered in the bugtracking system at http://bugs.caucho.com

So, seems that we really need work on quercus source code… volunteers are welcomed!

Aside this improvement, looking at the jwordpress source you can see that the pom.xml has now a configured Tomcat Maven Plugin to easy play with the project (even if I suggest to make your own pom.xml using jwordpress as dependency), one notable detail is to deploy it with `mvn tomcat7:run-war` instead of  `mvn tomcat7:run`.

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